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Project 01

Father is important

This project offers group activities with the objective to support unemployed Arabic speaking fathers with positive parenting and job development. Through the project activities, we aim to encourage fathers to gain confidence and move forward according to their resources, explore their personal values and reflect on their position as a role model for their families. We link fathers and give them a space to share thoughts and concerns, reflect on being a dad and on the vital role they play in their family’s development, as well as make new friends and network. 

Our activities are kid friendly to encourage men to bring their kids to spend quality time with them and to break the gender stereotyping view in the Arabic community where women are responsible for kids . 

Project 02

A better Life for our youth

A better life for our youth (BLY) is a project applied through Mirsal ry and funded by European Solidarity Corps. The project aims to contribute to supporting the integration of young people (18 to 30 years of age) into the Finnish service system.

Project 03

Yalla project

This project encourages Arabic-speaking unemployed adults over 30 years old to take advantage and use the services and facilities available for them. Many Arabic-speaking adults over 30 years get stuck in various phases of the immigration process.

The main objective is to promote the participation and use of the public services of Arabic-speaking people who are over 30 years old. We help them to cope better and more independently in Finland by learning about public services and third sector general social services.

Project 04

Towards gender equality

This project is supported by Moniheli ry. We use intercultural dialogue and interaction as a tool to talk about gender-related issues. The project targets representatives of civil society in Capital Region of Helsinki. Together, we are issuing a joint declaration that civil society representatives can use as a checklist for respecting gender equality. The joint declaration will be shared with civil society representatives from all over Finland in final forum.

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