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Combating racism and discrimination among migrants and refugees

Within this project partners are exploring the situation of migrants and refugees in their local communities, and trying to identify existing prejudices, bias, stereotypes, ethnocentrism, discriminative behavior and mindsets, and hostile attitudes to and stigmatization of other migrant and refugee groups. We also want to find out about their values, ideas and visions on how to create a peaceful community, where tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity between the different groups can be possible. Based on our findings we want to identify solutions to counteract racism among migrants and refugees, such as

  1. Identifying common ground and values among the various groups and define a joint vison of a peaceful community
  2. Bridging intercultural divide by building networks of various migrant and refugee groups
  3. Promoting the civic engagement and participation of migrants and refugees by organizing joint activities and events (e.g. on the “International Day of Living Together in Peace” at 16 May)
  4. Improving the competences of educators and volunteers working in the field of integration of migrants and refugees by providing recommendations on how counteract racist and discriminative behavior and action among migrants and refugees

The results of findings and the solutions identified and our recommendations will be documented in an online E-Book, which will be disseminated across Europe.