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Arabs For Equality And Integration In Finland

We direct services to provide assistance for Arabs in matters related to Finland.
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We offer a variety of integration services and support activities for immigrants in Finland. We work on different projects with different target groups. Read more about our work.

Towards gender equality

Towards gender equality This project is supported by Moniheli ry. We use intercultural dialogue and interaction as a tool to talk about gender-related issues. The project targets representatives of civil…

Yalla project

Yalla project This project encourages Arabic-speaking unemployed adults over 30 years old to take advantage and use the services and facilities available for them. Many Arabic-speaking adults over 30 years…

Father is important project

This project offers group activities with the objective to support unemployed Arabic speaking fathers with positive parenting and job development.


The project is to improve the capacity building of civil activists and associations with an Arabic background

For Better Work

The project seeks to improve the working conditions and the work environment of Arabic speaking workers

our mission

Mirsal is a window of a free nationwide platform where migrants have a possibility for expressing themselves and developing skills as well as improving their wellbeing.

Mirsal directs immigrants in all matters
related to Finland and therefore makes the opportunities and services that occur throughout Finland visible to Arabic-speaking immigrants through discussions, translations, and information sharing. Mirsal’s aim is to help cope with integration and identity in the host society and reflections on Finnish social and community services and associations and other practical issues arising daily for immigrants.

our vision

Our aim is to effectively support the immigrants through projects and activities that would benefit their integration in Finland. To meet the needs and desires of the talented immigrants by activities such as language courses, sports, arts, culture, training possibilities, etc.

Mirsal’s activities focus mainly on the Arabic-speaking immigrants, however, our interest lies in the unity of diversity; we are welcoming new language groups sharing the same values and ideas, goals for close cooperation. Furthermore, we see Mirsal activities as an anchor connecting people and associations.