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Voluntary work

Being a volunteer in Finland: why it is important and how to get involved?

Mirsal promotes the value of voluntary work for immigrants in Finland through providing information and guidance in Arabic, English, Russian and Estonian.

Volunteering is important not only because it is an essential part of the foundation on which a civilized society is built. However, there is much more behind unpaid good work. Volunteering may have a super impact on your personality and create your future opportunities!

Do you have difficulties learning Finnish? Do you have difficulties in integrating and making Finnish friends? Are you looking for new experiences and to improve your CV?

The best way for you to get started is to volunteer. Volunteering creates relationships and connections, improves skills, gives you various amounts of experience, helps the community, and shapes your personality, which could be useful for your future endeavors. Brighten yourself and the people around you with a cheerful and attentive attitude!


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We are ready to help you!

Did you like the idea of volunteering, but do not know how or where to apply? We are ready to help you. Please contact our staff for further guidance.

Participation in voluntary work helps you to present your culture and home in the best possible way!

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Voice of Arabic Woman

The voice of Arabic woman in Finland

Finland is one of the leading countries in advocating the rights of women. Women in Finland receive better protection, their rights are better safeguarded and also their needs are better met.

Women play a meaningful role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Therefore, we work towards the enhancement of the role of Arabic women in society to achieve their dreams and goals; to embrace strength for social change with support from each other, and to be inspired by success stories.

The woman is a one half of the society. She is a mother, daughter, wife, and sister. She can be a teacher, doctor, politician, or she can be anything, that a man can be.

Arab women are no different from the rest of the world’s inspiring women, that is why access to education has a profound impact on the position of women in society as a whole.

Mirsal promotes the position of women and girls