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Mirsal addresses NEET issues and presents good practices from Finland
Istanbul, Turkey

Our Executive Director, Ihab Alsouse Says

Conference: On track 6 REUNION – Different youth work approaches for different NEET, Turkey Istanbul. 

The main idea of the conference was about NEET and how to find different working approaches for NEET among young people. 

Mirsal learned about the definition of who are NEET. NEET is a person who is technically in a NEET situation, but voluntarily.  These are people who do not view their own NEET status as a problem for themselves.  

 They might be people who don’t need or want to work, or have some other project they are pursuing such as (political activism, starting a music group, building a houseboat, preparing to go back to school, whatever).  

 In some cases they may have gone abroad to travel, do volunteer work, or some such, and are still counted as doing nothing at home, as no records are kept of who leaves the country. 

Great Experience to support youth in NEET

Through the conference, Mirsal got acquainted with NEET, trying to find partnerships to solve Neet issues among Arabic speaking immigrants in Finland. Mirsal listened to life stories from participants about life’s obstacles and how to manage and overcome them.

On the other hand, we have tried different methods and tools in order to create a new way to face NEET. For example, solving these kind of challenges through drawing.

The conferences were a platform to share the challenges faced by young people in NEET status to enter education or training from different countries. The conference has helped us understand young people who are in NEET status, to help us support and empower them, keeping in mind government policies that can help reduce the number of young people in NEET positions.