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Hear the story of Doha volunteering
in Luxembourg

I want to raise awareness about the role of artistic tools in promoting the human rights and social inclusion, Doha says.

Hello! I am Doha. A young person and student from Syria.  As a result of volunteering in Mirsal, I had the opportunity to explore the world and to volunteer at the same time in Luxembourg for 20 days.  Mirsal told me about this opportunity to volunteer  in a project called Artinclusive22 for 22 days in luxembourg from 27thof september to the 17th of october 2022. The project helped me gain different perspectives, inspiration and knowledge about human rights. The main idea was to raise awareness on how to use theater and performance arts in general and artistic tools especially while working with and for young people on the Human rights and related topics such as social inclusion, participation and diversity.

8 shows in different regions of Luxembourg

Me and 16 young people from different countries of the European Union, planned and implemented 8 performances in different public places in Luxembourg. This experience was full of art, new friends, and a lot of new challenges.

I learned acceptance of differences and different opinions, value of youth participation, importance of equality in the education process.

Moreover, learning-to-learn competence is the one that was developed the most during the project, as participants we set our own learning objectives and plans our learning process, interacted with the peers and trainers.