The project is to improve the capacity building of civil activists and associations with an Arabic background in terms of providing them with basic skills, which are needed to make their work better and according to the Finnish law through basing their efforts on the principles of equality, feminism, and justice.


Monthly event from August to November. 

Educational materials in Arabic.

Online or in-location appointments.

We offer basic help and support for small associations and civic actors, such as registering associations, help in basic plan for a project, search for project ideas, help to organize an event, or/and find volunteers, the positions of trust in Arabic associations.
The opportunities for civic participation in Finland regardless of the language barrier. What are the different options for participation, e.g. such as European solidarity corps activities, with who we have close cooperation, active membership, and etc.

Further information?

Email: sandra.imran@mirsal.fi

Phone number: 0452462270