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YouthUp: Elevating Skills for Tomorrow

Our “YouthUp: Elevating Skills for Tomorrow” project stems from a deep understanding of evolving youth needs. We envision a future where Arabic-speaking youth have equal opportunities for skill development and positive change. By empowering them with essential skills, we aim to facilitate their integration into Finnish society and foster a sense of belonging within the European Union. Through strategic design and alignment with the European Solidarity Corps objectives, we target Arabic-speaking youth in Finland, aiming to benefit our local community by creating empowered and engaged members. Our project strives to impact their lives and communities meaningfully, promoting sustainability and cultural exchange.

YouthUp: Elevating Skills for Tomorrow project’s team

Samah Zahlaf

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Dalia Arpak

Natale Tutah

Hasan Al Husseini

Moe Awashra

Carnelia Mohammad

Tareq Abunahel