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Mirsal is in the new board of Voicify
@ European Parliament, Brussels

Voicify Conference

Our Executive Director, Ihab Alsouse, Participated in the conference in the European Parliament in Brussels held by members of the umbrella’s organisation founding committee – composed of young people representing organisations led by YREMASUD -. The conference  highlighted the importance of having a permanent European representation for organisations led by young people with lived migration experiences, and how it will strive for a genuinely inclusive and democratic Europe, where youth with lived migration experiences can shape policies that affect them.

Voicify builds a strong network of YREMASUD supporters and allies, to advocate for the policy recommendations to the relevant stakeholders and the EU institutions, and amplify the voices of YREMASUD.
Political participation is a human right. Voicify structures and institutionnalizes the political participation of YREMASUD organisation and lays the foundation of the first ever European umbrella organisation of YREMASUD self-led organizations.

We are in the board

35 organisations based in 16 different member states and representing more than 100.000 young people with lived migration experiences, established their first-ever European self-representative structure & made History!

During the Founding General Assembly, our Chairperson, Sandra Imran, was successfully elected to the board for the two year term to help in advocating for migrants’ rights and interests at the European level.