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Mirsal Participates in the Nordic Thematic Seminar

Dalia Arpak, the social specialist from Mirsal tells about her experience in participating in the Nordic Thematic Seminar, held from January 29th to February 1st, 2024. The seminar gathered 125 participants from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, aiming to provide a better understanding of improving the quality of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects throughout different stages of the project life cycle. 

The program included contributions from external experts, workshops on various topics, presentations of projects, and sessions for sharing practices and tools. Many sessions were interactive, allowing participants to choose those most relevant to their organizations. The seminar offered a valuable opportunity to learn from other beneficiaries and build connections across Nordic countries.

Dalia participated to tell about her experience as being acitvely particiapte in Mirsal Erasmus and Eruopean Solidairty corps projects of Mirsal. Dalia said: This experience significantly enriched my expertise, and I am eager to share what I’ve learned with my professional community.


Mirsal organization is looking for a specialist!

We extended our deadline to 27.4.2023. 


Do you want to work in a multicultural and diverse environment? Would you like to get to know the Arabic culture more closely and be part of Mirsal’s family? 

About Mirsal 

Mirsal works at the grassroots level. It is recognized as a key organization for Arabic-speaking immigrants in Finland. Mirsal provides a window to the Arabic-speaking community in Finland, allows them to express themselves and develop skills, as well as improves their wellbeing.  In 2022, we extended our focus to community building, especially towards youth leadership and gender equality. 

About the “Father is important” project 

The “Father is important” project is a three-year STEA-funded project. The project targets those Arabic-speaking fathers living in the Metropolitan region of Helsinki who are stuck in their integration process without work, hobbies or studies. The project’s aim is to support men in finding their own role and getting peer support and helping them find a new career or training place.  

About the position  

As part of the STEA-funded “Father is important” project, the project specialist will be in charge of STEA communication and reporting as well as project administration. The project specialist’s work pair is the project manager, who is responsible for implementing the activities and taking financial care of the project. Additionally, the project specialist supports the association’s chairperson in the management of the association, f.ex. regarding funding applications.   

The project specialist’s tasks include:  

  • Monitoring the project plan’s progress together with the project manager  
  • Advocacy work  
  • Stakeholder cooperation  
  • Communication work 
  • Reporting and communication with STEA.  
  • Supports the association’s chairperson in administrative tasks and funding applications.  
  • Other tasks defined by the organisation and agreed upon contractually. 

The project specialist must have:  

  • Previous experience in STEA funding   
  • Teamwork skills  
  • Fluency in English and Finnish  
  • Understanding of Arabic culture, gender equality related issues, community development 
  • An independent and development-oriented working style 
  • Coordination skills 
  • Public speaking skills. 

Additionally, we consider favorably:  

  • Knowledge of funding sources 
  • A commitment to the position.  
  • Experience in association management 

What we offer: 

Mirsal has a hybrid working model, so you have the flexibility to sometimes work remotely and plan your own working hours. Mirsal is a multicultural and bilingual working community where work is done in Finnish and English. 

We are looking for an organizational specialist to start as soon as possible for three years contract with a possible extension according to the funder’s decision. The job has a 6-month trial period. Work is full-time (37,5 hours per week) and may include evening and weekend work. We are looking for an organizational specialist to start as soon as possible for three years contract with a possible extension according to the funder’s decision. The salary is 2900-3100 depending on the person’s qualifications and can be increased depending on the funding decisions for the next years.


Please send your free-form application and CV by email to [email protected] by Thursday, 27 April at the latest. In the subject field of the email, please write the following text: Specialist, Mirsal ry. Interviews will be organized in the first week of May 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

فرصة للمرشحين البرلمانيين الناطقين باللغة العربية

وفقًا للدستور الفنلندي ، تعود السلطة السيادية في فنلندا إلى الشعب ، ويمثله البرلمان المنعقد في جلسة. البرلمان الفنلندي هو مجلس واحد ويتألف من 200 نائب.

يتم انتخاب أعضاء البرلمان كل أربع سنوات. يوم الانتخابات هو الأحد الثالث من شهر أبريل من عام الانتخابات ، ما لم يؤثر عيد الفصح على هذا الجدول الزمني. يحق لكل مواطن فنلندي بلغ من العمر 18 عامًا في موعد لا يتجاوز يوم الانتخابات التصويت في الانتخابات البرلمانية.

هل أنت مرشح للإنتخابات البرلمانية؟ هل لديك فضول للسماع عن المرشحين البرلمانين الناطقيين باللغة العربية؟

تقدم جمعية مرسال منصتها الإلكترونية كفرصة للمرشحيين البرلمانيين الناطقيين باللغة العربية لتقديم أنفسهم للجالية العربية عبر تطبيق زووم و الفيس بوك وذلك يوم الأحد 19.3.2023 الساعة الواحدة


على كل من يرغب في تقديم نفسه من المرشحين البرلمانين، إرسال رسالة نصية عبر البريد الإلكتروني [email protected] في موعد لا يتجاوز يوم الإثنين 13.3.2023 مع ذكر تقديم بسيط عن السيرة الذاتية و الحزب المرشح عنه!

تواريخ هامة للإنتخابات البرلمانية:

  • الثلاثاء 21 مارس 2023 يصبح سجل التصويت ساري المفعول قانونًا
  • الثلاثاء 21 مارس 2023 في 16:00 ينتهي التسجيل في التصويت في المنزل
  • 22-28 مارس 2023 التصويت المسبق في فنلندا
  • 22-25 مارس 2023 التصويت المسبق في الخارج
  • الأحد 2 أبريل 2023 يوم الانتخابات
  • الأربعاء 5 أبريل 2023 تأكيد نتائج الانتخابات

Declaration on Gender Equality


The Declaration came as a result of several intensive interactive sessions held by Mirsal ry, Moniheli ry, Nicehearts ry, Kamalat äidit®, Irakin naisten yhdistys ry, Familia ry, Africans and African Europeans Association ry, HEED Association Finland ry, and Amal ry.

Gender Equality is among our top priorities. We believe jointly that gender equality is a fundamental value of all our work. Our aim is to work effectively to ensure and mainstream gender equality in all areas of our work. The inclusion of all genders in all their diversity in the third sector has a strong, positive impact on the integration of migrant communities in Finland.

This declaration is to help the participating organizations and other organizations who work in the third sector and with multicultural communities to understand how gender equality is connected to their work and to ensure the integration of gender equality perspective into their organizational activities and structure.

Gender equality is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is not affected by gender, in which people of all genders have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities.


Further contribution to addressing and discussing topics which are considered as cultural taboo topics related to gender and body in form of intercultural dialogue and collaborative efforts.

Develop a regular self-assessment to assess the staff, board and the volunteers on their values and beliefs regarding gender equality.

Develop gender equality strategy, which is proportionally matching with financial and human resources of the organization to ensure equal representation and power balance of all genders in the organizational work.

Attention to the inclusion of gender minorities through using gender-sensitive language in the recruitment applications and promotional materials for different activities.

Make mission and values visible to the public with clear statements of supporting gender equality.


Despite of that we are aware on the big differences in our target groups (women, parents, youth, local authorities, ….) from different nationalities, educational background and culture,

Despite of that we are aware on big differences in our addressed topics and needs of our target groups,

We are close enough for mutual understanding on the importance of gender equality in the implementation of human rights in Finland.

Gender discrimination presents a challenge to the integration of migrant communities in Finland. We are aware that there is no optimal system, but our mission is to combat and reduce gender imbalances and inequalities. Our goal is to unite our efforts to promote the values of gender equality, noting that gender equality is a long-term goal with many challenges.


We declare our commitment to support the creation of an inclusive, aware, and competent society that promotes gender equality and fights all forms of discrimination based on gender.

We foster our communication to strengthen the role of civil society organizations and their meaningful participation in bringing awareness on gender equality issues.

We consider intersectional principle in empowering clients and serving them, considering the double burden of gender and racial discrimination.

We are keen on our partnership and close cooperation to boost the individual and collective transformation towards gender equality through raising awareness, enabling learning, building knowledge, and developing skills.

We continue to empower and support each other and third sectors in addressing the discriminatory practices and inequalities of communities and individuals to ensure equal enjoyment of rights by all persons involved.

We welcome Organizations to be part of our common commitment towards gender equality, please join us!

Mirsal addresses NEET issues and presents good practices from Finland
Istanbul, Turkey

Our Executive Director, Ihab Alsouse Says

Conference: On track 6 REUNION – Different youth work approaches for different NEET, Turkey Istanbul. 

The main idea of the conference was about NEET and how to find different working approaches for NEET among young people. 

Mirsal learned about the definition of who are NEET. NEET is a person who is technically in a NEET situation, but voluntarily.  These are people who do not view their own NEET status as a problem for themselves.  

 They might be people who don’t need or want to work, or have some other project they are pursuing such as (political activism, starting a music group, building a houseboat, preparing to go back to school, whatever).  

 In some cases they may have gone abroad to travel, do volunteer work, or some such, and are still counted as doing nothing at home, as no records are kept of who leaves the country. 

Great Experience to support youth in NEET

Through the conference, Mirsal got acquainted with NEET, trying to find partnerships to solve Neet issues among Arabic speaking immigrants in Finland. Mirsal listened to life stories from participants about life’s obstacles and how to manage and overcome them.

On the other hand, we have tried different methods and tools in order to create a new way to face NEET. For example, solving these kind of challenges through drawing.

The conferences were a platform to share the challenges faced by young people in NEET status to enter education or training from different countries. The conference has helped us understand young people who are in NEET status, to help us support and empower them, keeping in mind government policies that can help reduce the number of young people in NEET positions.

The successful Mirsal's project reaches
Nordic Thematic Seminar in Oslo

Samah Zahlaf, representing A better life for our youth (BLY)

Last month, one of the team members of Mirsal’s youth project 2022, Samah Zahlaf, was part of the Nordic Thematic Seminar in Oslo. The event gathered more than 160 experts in the field of youth work, serving as a platform  for sharing experiences, ideas and networking, with the chance of building future partnerships. The event consists of different opportunities to meet and listen to the national agencies from the Nordic countries including Paavo Pyykkönen from the Finnish national agency of the European youth programs. 

(BLY) as one of the inspirational solidarity project in 2022.

Besides, a great talk from the representative of the European Commission – Sigrid Smith Tonnessen, who gave insights on the different funding opportunities. Another important part of the event was the extensive talk on building strategies in times of crisis, and the strategic use of Erasmus+ funding, with the focus on the difference between good strategy and great strategy and underlining the importance of using imagination and thinking outside the box.
The second day gave an overview of what youth participation means and how to promote participation in Erasmus+ and ESC projects with tips to improve participation in projects.
Moreover on what makes a good project and how to manage a project in an efficient way. And Finally, we presented Mirsal’s project (A better life for our youth) as one of the inspirational solidarity project in 2022. The project received a big applause and a positive feedback from the audience, and they embraced the idea and the implementation.

Mirsal is in the new board of Voicify
@ European Parliament, Brussels

Voicify Conference

Our Executive Director, Ihab Alsouse, Participated in the conference in the European Parliament in Brussels held by members of the umbrella’s organisation founding committee – composed of young people representing organisations led by YREMASUD -. The conference  highlighted the importance of having a permanent European representation for organisations led by young people with lived migration experiences, and how it will strive for a genuinely inclusive and democratic Europe, where youth with lived migration experiences can shape policies that affect them.

Voicify builds a strong network of YREMASUD supporters and allies, to advocate for the policy recommendations to the relevant stakeholders and the EU institutions, and amplify the voices of YREMASUD.
Political participation is a human right. Voicify structures and institutionnalizes the political participation of YREMASUD organisation and lays the foundation of the first ever European umbrella organisation of YREMASUD self-led organizations.

We are in the board

35 organisations based in 16 different member states and representing more than 100.000 young people with lived migration experiences, established their first-ever European self-representative structure & made History!

During the Founding General Assembly, our Chairperson, Sandra Imran, was successfully elected to the board for the two year term to help in advocating for migrants’ rights and interests at the European level.

We are Part of
European Migration Forum 2022

Mirsal ry has been invited to attend the 7th European Migration Forum taking place on the 20-21 October in Brussels, Belgium- the dialogue platform on migration, asylum and migrant integration. Our board member Sham Alkhateb went there to represent us. The Forum brings together a wide range of participants from civil society to relevant national authorities of EU countries, as well as EU institutions.  In Sham’s point of view, those kinds of chances are valuable in case you really wish to highlight such controversial issues related to immigrants, in addition to raising awareness of some unseen problems related to youth immigrants for instance.

Mirsal ry also has been chosen to present its project(s) at this year’s EMF at the Networking village on Day 1. We are thankful for the really good opportunity to let others know about our work and influence among Arabic-speaking youth in Finland.

Hear the story of Doha volunteering
in Luxembourg

I want to raise awareness about the role of artistic tools in promoting the human rights and social inclusion, Doha says.

Hello! I am Doha. A young person and student from Syria.  As a result of volunteering in Mirsal, I had the opportunity to explore the world and to volunteer at the same time in Luxembourg for 20 days.  Mirsal told me about this opportunity to volunteer  in a project called Artinclusive22 for 22 days in luxembourg from 27thof september to the 17th of october 2022. The project helped me gain different perspectives, inspiration and knowledge about human rights. The main idea was to raise awareness on how to use theater and performance arts in general and artistic tools especially while working with and for young people on the Human rights and related topics such as social inclusion, participation and diversity.

8 shows in different regions of Luxembourg

Me and 16 young people from different countries of the European Union, planned and implemented 8 performances in different public places in Luxembourg. This experience was full of art, new friends, and a lot of new challenges.

I learned acceptance of differences and different opinions, value of youth participation, importance of equality in the education process.

Moreover, learning-to-learn competence is the one that was developed the most during the project, as participants we set our own learning objectives and plans our learning process, interacted with the peers and trainers.

From Finland to Belgium
We are part of Voices of Culture 2022

Our project coordinator ”Father is important”, Shareef Askar, participated in the Voices of Culture – Structured Dialogue Between the European Commission and the Cultural Sectors at the Goethe Institut in Brussels, Belgium from 4 to 5 October 2022.

53 organizations that have been selected to participate in the structured dialogue on ‘Youth, Mental Health and Culture’ with the European Commission. The selection process was conducted by the European Commission.

The dialogues and workshops took two days. Most of the participants were experts in different cultural, social and artistic sectors from different parts of Europe.

The discussions and the group work were very powerful and fruitful in bringing insights on the role of cultural and creative sectors in improving mental health of the youth.

We have shared our input on several areas of discussion:

  • Evidence on the contribution of the cultural and creative sectors to improving the mental health and well-being of young people, at national and international level.
  • Synergies with other policy fields (health, education, social welfare, etc.) to maximize results.
  • Examples of interventions where there is robust evidence of successful outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged young people. Conditions for success of such interventions.


The most rewarding part of the two days, although intensive and short, was networking with professionals from civic and governmental sectors and sharing our knowledge on working towards enhancing the wellbeing of the youth. Shareef shared valuable information on our work with the youth through our project a Better Life for Our Youth also his knowledge on projects related to cultural and artistic activities for the youth in Finland. He will contributed in writing a Brainstorming Report. In this report, the results of the discussion between participants at the Brainstorming Meeting will be expressed. This report will then be presented by him with other participants to the European Commission at the Dialogue Meeting.