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Shareef Askar

Project coordinator

Finnish Matters, Partnership, For better work, Coordinating, Marketing.

Sandra Imran


Law, Feminism, Cooperation, Internships, Voluntary Work, Community Outreach, Yksi Käsi, Youth for better work.

Ihab Alsouse

Executive Director

Politics, Finance, Membership, External Relations, Managing, For better work.

Jana Habilainen

Communications Officer

Social Media, Public relations, Estonian and Russian Matters, Marketing.

Malika Diuoni

Board Member 2021-2022

Youth, Leisure, Children.

Niina Tutah

Financial Officer

Advisory, Finance, Events, Marketing, Conferences, Seminars, Community Outreach.

Nauras Al Darb

Vice Board Member 2021-2022

Social media, freedom of expression, Civil activist.