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Chairperson participates in
Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality

Med Dialogue Leaders Bootcamp 3 on Developing critical thinking tools

The chairperson of Mirsal ry, Sandra Imran Alsouse participated in Med Dialogue Leaders Bootcamp 3 on “Developing critical thinking tools”, which was held in Valencia, Spain, from Saturday 29 of January to Wednesday the 2nd of February 2022.

More than 520 applicants applied to participate in this bootcamp, but only 28 applicants were selected, and our chairperson was one of them.

Through a series of insight sessions and working groups, the objective of this Bootcamp was to equip participants from the Euro-med space, with core skills around critical-thinking, problem-assessment and fact-checking.  At the same time, they were invited to perform open-mindedness, and challenge stereotypes, propaganda and misinformation. Communicating effectively and exchanging with others were also at the core of the training sessions.


Activities of the bootcamp

During the bootcamp, Med Dialogue Leaders from the Euro-med space had the opportunity to learn in-depth about critical thinking different aspects at a theoretical and practical level. Furthermore, they were divided into thematic groups on gender-equity, art, culture, social transformation, disinformation, and fake_news, sustainably, etc, according to their projects. This journey was an opportunity to exchange their views and perceptions and identify the main challenges they may face in their communities beyond borders. 

The Bootcamp will be followed by the launch of a campaign of common actions in the Euro -Mediterranean region, supported by Med Dialogue and implemented by the participants.


Gender equality as common action

The mission in the Med working groups will continue until April 2022. Our Chairperson chose to be in the gender equality working group as part of the Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality.
In Valencia between 29th January and 3rd February, the working group had intensive days exchanging transnational feminist approaches to plan transnational actions for gender equality with Le Journal Féministe Algérien/ الجريدة النسوية الجزايرية : Le JFA and Povod institute for culture and the development of international relations in culture, Solvenia.
Chapeaux off for the working group that is currently planning transnational actions to reclaim gender equality as a priority in the South Med region and the Arab diaspora during and post the Covid19 Era.
From Povod: Samar Zughool, From Mirsal ry: Sandra Imran , and Amel Hadjadj from the Feminist Algerian Journal Foundation.
Take part, take an action and stay tuned for gender equality in the South Med region and the Arab diaspora now in the Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality.